Weekly Property Inspections

Professional Weekly Property Inspections in Park City Utah- Service Detail

Weekly Property Inspections

Milestone will prepare a comprehensive property inspection checklist for your property. On at least a weekly basis, we will conduct a thorough property inspection using the checklist to insure that all essential aspects of the property are functional and in good working order. This includes, but is not limited to: security, appliances, water systems, utilities, heating/cooling systems, snowmelt systems, and interior and exterior structural systems. These inspection checklists will be kept in each property owner’s file.

Additionally, prior to the owner or guest arrival, Milestone will insure that the property is ready for the scheduled stay. This includes, but is not limited to: house thermostats set to the desired levels, water heaters turned up, checking all mechanical systems, hot tub set to the desired temperature, ice-makers turned on, checking all lighting systems and lights turned on (as requested), checking all A/V systems (as requested), checking phone systems, and a final walk-through and housekeeping check.

Upon departure of the owner or guest, Milestone will, at the earliest convenience, insure that the property has been properly secured and that all windows and doors have been closed and locked. The shut-down procedure will include, but is not limited to: setting thermostats to desired levels, turning down water heaters, turning off icemakers, turning down hot tub temperature, checking water systems, checking that all lights are off (as requested), and checking that all A/V is off.

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